Hancock’s Resolution

Anne Arundel County, MD

Hancock’s Resolution is a 17th century farmstead located on Bodkin Creek, a tributary to the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. As part of a consulting team, Envirens provided environmental site planning services to recommend the location of appropriate future land uses and interpretive facilities for the property. Site analysis included the evaluation of relevant State, Federal, and county regulations, as well as, other special requirements for compliance with the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Protection Program.
Envirens’ detailed ecological site assessment examined the existing biological evidence to complement other archeological evidence of historic use of the site. The types of biological evidence include: age of plants, relative age of plant communities, and remnants of cultivated plants.
Similarly, the detailed site assessment provided baseline information about the resources available at the Hancock’s Resolution site for future interpretive programs. These programs will highlight the historic environmental benefits of the site including home site location and the use of plant, wildlife, and other natural resources by an early Maryland farm family.


See http://www.historichancocksresolution.org/ for current site status.